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Bespoke engagement and wedding rings in Avon and Wiltshire


Bespoke Engagement and Wedding Rings

My Bespoke Engagement and Wedding Rings in Avon and Wiltshire are made to order and to your specifications. Unique and masterful, signifying your love for each other. 

If you are looking to commission a ring that is one of a kind and personal to you and your partner take full advantage of my ‘Bespoke for You’ package. To be part of a completely exclusive experience into the world of jewellery creation book a consultation with me today.






Our Process

My bespoke ring process is very attentive to every aspect of you and the ideal ring for your relationship.

I personally love the process of refinement and to see the joy and satisfaction that comes with choosing the perfect bespoke ring.

This package has been created to be easy, relaxed and enjoyable for you.


Consultations are tailored to your vision. You might have a clear idea of what you want, or you might need help refining the exact ring that would be perfect for your partner.

I am experienced in finding the perfect ring and understand the sentiment in enjoying the process and the finished piece.

When Should You Book An Appointment With Us?

If you have an exact design in mind, we can begin discussing how to develop your ring.

If your vision is not yet clear, we can refine it together, and you can use my years of experience to your advantage with guidance in designing your custom one of a kind piece.

Many of my clients choose to send me their inspiration via email, WhatsApp, Instagram or the enquiry forms dotted about my website.

We then meet in at a location and time convenient to you, to start your journey.


If you have chosen the perfect materials to make your bespoke engagement ring, found your partner’s favourite design and fallen in love with a diamond of your choice, the final consideration is price range. There is no set price range on declaring your love but do consider how much money you partner would feel comfortable with you spending.

I am very fortunate to have many years’ experience in the jewellery industry and no price range is too small or too large.










Book A Consultation For Your Bespoke Engagement and Wedding Rings Today

Contact me today for a personal, tailored service to start your journey to create your engagement ring. We can begin via email or over the phone and later meet in person to discuss final requirements and designs.


Bespoke engagement and wedding rings in Avon and Wiltshire


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My HR couples are prime examples of the joy that a beautiful ring can bring to a couple.

I am always keen to showcase the quality rings I provide people with, and the sense of union that it brings to a partnership.

Hear From My HR Couples 




Bespoke engagement and wedding rings. The HR Couples from Avon and Wiltshire